Richard Stayner


The Australian Disaster Resilience Index: a summary

Research has developed the first, national snapshot of disaster resilience to help governments, local organisations and emergency services improve their communities’ resilience to natural hazards. This summary report outlines the detailed research behind the Australian Disaster Resilience Index.

Indicators of community vulnerability and adaptive capacity across the Murray-Darling Basin: a focus on irrigation in agriculture

There are many changes occurring in rural and regional communities in the Murray-Darling Basin as a result of climate change, water availability, water trading, global markets, population movements and ongoing social changes. Basin communities will respond to and be affected by a range of these...

Preparing Entrants to Farming - Scoping Programs and Strategies

The report describes the entry paths by which people commonly take up a career in farming and discusses some of the problems which may compromise a successful entry into farming. Programs and policy approaches used overseas to deal with these problems are reviewed, and the...

Changing business realities? The implications of e-commerce technologies for rural non-farm businesses

E-commerce technologies are changing the business realities of rural non-farm businesses, but this change is incremental rather than revolutionary. This study provides a snapshot into rural Australia to determine the reality of the implications of electronic commerce for rural non-farm businesses. Undertaken against the backdrop...
Conference paper

Sense of place, social capital and rural development

Discussions of rural communities often attribute values or images to them that imply their intrinsic 'goodness'. Such attribution of value is reminiscent of the ideals which farming is often held to enshrine, and which has been called 'agricultural fundamentalism': the notion that the occupation and...