Shane Greive

Conference paper

A Local Housing Strategy in Inner City Perth

This research describes a Perth inner city local government authority’s attempts to instigate a housing strategy with particular focus on the provision of affordable housing.
Conference paper

Designing Crime Precipitators in Northbridge After Dark: Urban Governance in Slumber

The State of Australian Cities (SOAC) national conferences have been held biennially since 2003 to support interdisciplinary policy-related urban research. This paper was presented at SOAC 4 held in Perth from 24 to 27 November 2009. SOAC 4 was hosted by the University of Western...

Falling through the net? A risk management model for home ownership schemes

Income targeted home ownership assistance programs can play an important role in helping to restore social and economic equity in an environment where the gap between the 'haves' and 'have-nots' is steadily growing. This report by Shane Greive, Vasanthi Peter, John Ballard, Roz Walker, Cheryle...

Locational advantage and disadvantage in public housing, rent assistance and housing loan assistance in Perth

This report draws on the concept of locational disadvantage to evaluate three different housing assistance programs in relation to a whole of government response to major shifts in welfare provision, and with due consideration to current trends in social economic restructuring. The study compares the...