Carmela Chivers

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Lessons from the National Rental Affordability Scheme

This presentation to the University of NSW Social Policy Conference in Sydney identifies better ways for governments to help poorer Australians into housing: fund social housing directly; boost Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 40 per cent and index it to low-income rents; increase supply to make...

How to make Australia fairer

We’re doing better than many comparable countries, but that’s not enough, says Carmela Chivers.

Who’s in the room? Access and influence in Australian politics

Powerful and well-resourced business groups, unions and not-for-profits are influencing policy in Australia to serve their interests, sometimes at the expense of the public interest. Stronger checks and balances on policy influence are needed, to make Australian politics cleaner and fairer.

Time for the federal government to catch up on political donations reform

While the states are making improvements to their political donations laws and practices, Canberra still has a long way to go.

A crisis of trust: The rise of protest politics in Australia

This report argues that if the major parties and politicians want to rebuild trust with voters, they will need to change the way they do politics: stop misusing their entitlements, strengthen political donations laws, tighten regulation of lobbyists, and slow the revolving door between political...