Kaye Bowman


Engaging more employers in nationally recognised training to develop their workforce

This report explores employer approaches to training their workforce through the use of nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) as opposed to other forms of training, with the aim of identifying strategies that encourage more employers to use nationally recognised training.
Discussion paper

Student entitlement models in Australia’s national training system: expert views

This occasional paper provides the views of 17 ‘thought leaders’ in the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector. Their insight and opinions were sought to inform a larger research project focused on the student entitlement reforms that were introduced into the national VET system...

Workforce skills development and engagement in training through skill sets

This case study of agrifood students, investigates the use of skill sets by students enrolled in Rural Production Studies skill sets developed by TAFE NSW and those enrolled in the Diploma of Agriculture. Skill sets are a grouping of one or more competencies below the...
Literature review

Workforce skills development and engagement in training through skill sets

The utilisation of Australian vocational education and training (VET), specifically, the origin of skill sets and the key features of the two available types of skill sets are the topics covered by this literature review. The paper outlines the difference between the skill sets developed...

Effective models of employment-based training

Australia needs highly skilled workers to sustain a healthy economy. Current employment-based training models have limitations in meeting the demands for highly skilled labour supply. The research explored current and emerging models of employment-based training to propose more effective models at higher VET qualifications that...