Stephen Billett

Working paper

Change, work and learning: aligning continuing education and training

As part of a three-year program of research, the authors are investigating how the training system might be more effective in providing continuing education and training across workers' lives, since the tertiary education and training sector is currently geared to entry-level training; that is, getting...
Journal article

African students from refugee backgrounds in Australian TAFE institutes: a case for transformative learning goals and processes

Investigates the experiences of learning for African students from refugee backgrounds in TAFE institutes Abstract Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes are perhaps the most heterogeneous of the nation’s educational sectors. However, TAFE institutes’ capacity to provide inclusive education is constrained by their curriculum...
Discussion paper

Higher education in TAFE

Growth in mixed-sector institutions offering both vocational and higher education qualifications is expected to increase given recent and predicted policy changes. This issues paper focuses on the provision and management of higher education in TAFE institutes. Issues raised for discussion include the governance of mixed-sector...

Effective models of employment-based training

Australia needs highly skilled workers to sustain a healthy economy. Current employment-based training models have limitations in meeting the demands for highly skilled labour supply. The research explored current and emerging models of employment-based training to propose more effective models at higher VET qualifications that...

Informing post-school pathways: investigating school students’ authentic work experiences

The way school students understand work through their paid part-time work and participation in school-based apprenticeships has the potential to inform career decision making and further education pathways. Through classroom-based interventions this project sought to assist student’s and teacher’s understandings of ‘authentic’ work experiences.