Gavin Moodie


Fudged research results erode people’s trust in experts

The failures of academic integrity of students and researchers may be only a fraction of all work by scholars. But they so corrode trust in academic qualifications and publications that stringent measures will be needed to protect academic integrity.

Four ideas for reforming higher education policy-making

Practical ways forward for higher education policy reform include fixing the dysfunctional relationship between higher and vocational education or government-sponsored analysis of the future of work.

Cut university red tape with online research bank

A new review announced yesterday by the Minister for Tertiary Education Craig Emerson will examine the regulation of Australian universities. It comes at an important time. Just recently a report commissioned by Universities Australia found that the average Australian university is spending nearly A$1 million...

Student load and employment outcomes attached to mid-level qualifications

This technical paper explores trends in mid-level qualifications (diplomas, advanced diplomas and associate degrees) from 2002 to 2011. The authors analyse these trends using vocational education and training and higher education enrolment data, as well as student outcomes and destination surveys. Overall they find that...
Discussion paper

Higher education in TAFE

Growth in mixed-sector institutions offering both vocational and higher education qualifications is expected to increase given recent and predicted policy changes. This issues paper focuses on the provision and management of higher education in TAFE institutes. Issues raised for discussion include the governance of mixed-sector...