Victor Callan

Alternate Name:
Victor J. Callan

Hands up for gender equality

This study explores how gender impacts self-confidence and career intentions in teenagers.

Social media and student outcomes: teacher, student and employer views

This report investigates how social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, is being used in VET courses. Interviews with teachers, students and employers across three registered training organisations found that social media can help to improve student engagement and lead to more course completions.

How organisations are using e-learning to support national training initiatives

E-learning is being sought out by Australian business and industry looking to solve significant skills shortages by curbing time consuming off-the-job training and speeding up apprenticeship completion times. Key findings from this research include: Employers clearly want more work-based training, with less time spent in...

Understanding and resolving the skills shortage in the Australian printing industry

This report situates the skill shortages in the printing industry within the wider context of technological change in the industry, which is altering the type of skills demanded by employers. He finds that, while employers will invest in new technology, they do not complement this...