P.N. (Raja) Junankar


Labour market outcomes of Australian university graduates from equity groups

The Australian higher education sector has had a number of changes in the recent past. Notably, the Bradley (2008) Review of Australian Higher Education had recommended an increase in higher education access and completion by individuals from equity groups or backgrounds. Since the Bradley Review...

Who is better at managing the Australian economy: Labor or the Coalition?

The Australian economy has had an unprecedented period of uninterrupted growth since 1992, surviving disruptions from the Asian crisis of 1997, the stock market collapse of 1999, and the war in Iraq. Some politicians and journalists argue that this surprising good run for the Australian...

The new world of Australian labour market programs

In this article, P.N. Junankar compares the labour market reforms of the Coalition government in the second half of the 1990s with those of the former Labor government in the first half. Though economic growth was the same for both governments, the improvement in aggregate...