Rob White


Environmental harm and crime prevention

This paper discusses what can be learned from traditional crime prevention to reduce and prevent environmental harm. It underlines how a problem-solving approach involves tailoring interventions and strategies based on the source and type of harm, and according to place, scale and the perceived threat.

Anti-gang strategies and interventions

This paper reviews anti-gang intervention strategies and the limits and possibilities for positive action in regard to gang formation and activities. The first part of the paper provides a general overview of intervention strategies. For example, a distinction is drawn between coercive and developmental approaches...

Swarming and the social dynamics of group violence

Riots such as the Cronulla and Macquarie Fields occurrences and media reports of large numbers of individuals gatecrashing parties understandably raise community concern. This is a difficult area to research as the number of events is typically low, although their impact can be high. This...

Developing effective housing management strategies to address problems of anti-social behaviour

This project will pursue a set of overlapping research strands that together will provide state housing agencies with the evidence base to develop effective forms of intervention to address anti-social behaviour. The review undertaken for this Positioning Paper shows that housing management responses in the...