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Annie Abello


Youth social exclusion in Australian communities: a new index

Using specialised data from the 2011 Census, this paper presents a new index intended to be representative of youth at risk of social exclusion. Abstract Social exclusion and inclusion has been given a great deal of attention in Australia and throughout the world. This broader...

Smart Australians: education and innovation in Australia

This report discusses the economic prospects, education and innovation of Australians. Australians with postgraduate degrees will earn almost double, or $3.2 million, over their working lives compared to people with Year 11 or less qualification, who can expect to earn only $1.7 million, according to...
Conference paper

A path-breaking microsimulation health-econometric model of the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Finding ways of curbing government expenditure on the PBS while maintaining social equity and access to 'essential' medicines is at the centre of ongoing public debate. This paper outlines future developments that will extend the current model to include health outcomes. Adding health outcomes represents...
Conference paper

The distributional impact of government outlays on the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in 2001-02

In recent years outlays on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme have increased rapidly, prompting both attempts by government to reduce growth in outlays and renewed interest in the characteristics of the beneficiaries of the Scheme. This paper, using a microsimulation model of the PBS, analyses the...