Binod Nepal


Smart Australians: education and innovation in Australia

This report discusses the economic prospects, education and innovation of Australians. Australians with postgraduate degrees will earn almost double, or $3.2 million, over their working lives compared to people with Year 11 or less qualification, who can expect to earn only $1.7 million, according to...

The cost of inaction on the social determinants of health

The cost of government inaction on the social determinants of health, leading to health inequalities for the most disadvantaged Australians of working age, is substantial. This was measured in terms not only of the number of people affected but also their overall well-being, their ability...

Going without: financial hardship in Australia

This report details the financial position of Australian households using the latest ABS Survey of Income and Housing and other data sources. The report places emphasis on the financial position of households where the main source of income is the New Start Allowance and job-seeker...

Supported accommodation options for people with disability: investigating responses to the urban village concept

ACT Community Living Project Inc (CLP) is a not-for-profit organisation seeking quality life choices for people with disability, including a choice of accommodation that suits their individual needs as well as social inclusion opportunities within the wider community. CLP conducted a survey in 2010-11 in...