Anne Daly


Youth social exclusion in Australian communities: a new index

Using specialised data from the 2011 Census, this paper presents a new index intended to be representative of youth at risk of social exclusion. Abstract Social exclusion and inclusion has been given a great deal of attention in Australia and throughout the world. This broader...

Has the risk of social exclusion for Australian children become more geographically concentrated? : Patterns from 2001 to 2006

The concept of social exclusion, encompassing a wider view of disadvantage than that of income poverty, is now used extensively in European debates about people at risk of experiencing social disadvantage. Aggregate national data indicate the groups at risk of social exclusion but it also...

Interactions between crime and fertility in the labour supply of Indigenous Australian women

Indigenous Australian females are under-represented in the Australian labour force and in employment. According to the Population Census of 2006, 49 per cent of Indigenous females were in the labour force compared with 58 per cent of other Australian females. The unemployment rate for Indigenous...

Social inclusion and exclusion among Australia's children: a review of the literature

This paper reviews the literature in three key areas covered by an Australian Research Council grant, 'Social Inclusion and Exclusion among Australia's Children: A Spatial Perspective' (DP 560192). These are the evidence on the position of children in society, more particularly estimates of child poverty...

Poverty and disadvantage among Australian children: a spatial perspective

This paper by Ann Harding, Justine McNamara, Robert Tanton, Anne Daly and Mandy Yap, describes results from an innovative use of the 2001 Australian census microdata, focussed on well-being and disadvantage from the child's perspective, to construct a composite index of child social exclusion risk...