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Closing the Gap measures need to be changed to improve outcomes. Here’s how

This article explores how to better address the missed targets in the 2020 Closing the Gap Report.

Urban Aboriginal people face unique challenges in the fight against coronavirus

The government needs to turn its attention to the COVID-19 risks Indigenous people face in urban and rural areas.
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Maternal age and offspring developmental vulnerability at age five: a population-based cohort study of Australian children

In recent decades, there has been a shift to later childbearing in high-income countries. There is limited, large-scale evidence of the relationship between maternal age and child outcomes beyond the perinatal period. The objective of this study is to quantify a child’s risk of developmental...
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Health research policy: a case study of policy change in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research

The need for research to better address health disparities in Indigenous people has been widely recognised. This paper examines past policies and outlines issues for Indigenous health policy in the future.