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David P. Thomas

Journal article

Tackling Indigenous smoking: a good news story in Australian tobacco control

The achievements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco control are among the most encouraging stories in Australian tobacco control and in efforts to improve Indigenous health and to Close The Gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.
Journal article

The decline of smoking initiation among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students: implications for future policy

This article explores if smoking prevalence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students aged 12–17 years has changed between 2005 and 2017.
Journal article

Changes in the age young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people start smoking, 2002–2015

This article aims to analyse trends in smoking initiation and prevalence among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (Indigenous people) to identify which stages of adolescence and young adulthood prevention activities should target.
Journal article

Using Facebook to reduce smoking among Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a participatory grounded action study

The results from this study suggest that anti-smoking content designed to be shared on social media should complement, rather than attempt to replicate, messages from tobacco control mass media campaigns.
Journal article

Successes and unintended consequences of the Northern Territory’s smoke-free prisons policy: results from a process evaluation

In 2013, the Northern Territory was the first Australian jurisdiction to introduce a smoke-free policy for all correctional facilities. This paper reports on a process evaluation to identify what worked well, key challenges and unintended consequences. The researchers interviewed 87 people, comprising remand, medium-security and...