Tom Calma

Mob: Kungarakan and Iwaidja, whose traditional lands are south west of Darwin and on the Cobourg Peninsula in the Northern Territory, respectively.Professor Tom Calma AO is a First Nations elder. Professor Calma's previous roles have included: senior Australian diplomat in India and Vietnam from 1995 to 2002 representing Australia's education and training interests, Senior Adviser to the Minister of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs in 2003, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission from 2004 to 2010, Race Discrimination Commissioner from 2004 until 2009.  He is now a consultant to Commonwealth Health, undertaking the role of National Coordinator, Tackling Indigenous Smoking, and a Professor at the University of Sydney Medical School performing the role of Chair and Patron of the Poche Indigenous Health Network. His Social Justice Report was instrumental in the Close the Gap for Indigenous Health Equality Campaign resulting in COAG’s Closing the Gap response in December 2007. Prof Calma was the 2013 ACT Australian of the Year and on 1 January 2014 became the 6th Chancellor of the University of Canberra and the first Indigenous male Chancellor of an Australian university.
Journal article

Tackling Indigenous smoking: a good news story in Australian tobacco control

The achievements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco control are among the most encouraging stories in Australian tobacco control and in efforts to improve Indigenous health and to Close The Gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Looking to the future

This review was conducted to provide the Education Council with advice and recommendations on how senior secondary students can better understand and be enabled to choose the most appropriate pathway to support their transition into work, further education and/or training.

The government is committed to an Indigenous voice. We should give it a chance to work

On the question of constitutional enshrinement, many are right to be upset that this government has ruled out putting the voice in the constitution. But this is the political reality of today.

2019 Parliamentary Library National Reconciliation Week lecture

Co-Chair of Reconciliation Australia, Professor Tom Calma AO, is an Aboriginal elder from the Kungarakan tribal group and a member of the Iwaidja tribal group in the Northern Territory. Professor Calma delivered this presentation for the Australian Parliamentary Library National Reconciliation Week lecture.

Solutions that work: what the evidence and our people tell us

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) is an important Australian Government response to the above. This report summarises the work of ATSISPEP in expanding the evidence-base for what works in Indigenous community-led suicide prevention.