Lise Saugeres


Public housing, women and employment: challenges and strategies

This project improves our understanding of why and how public housing tenants (and in particular sole parents and women with unemployed partners) are able to (re-)enter paid work despite the many barriers.

Housing insecurity and its link to the social inclusion agenda

Lower income renters' experiences of housing insecurity have six important dimensions. Compounded by other aspects of social and economic disadvantages, the result is social exclusion. Housing insecurity experienced by low income renters is multi-dimensional, including: needing to move as a result of circumstances outside a...

Housing insecurity and precarious living: an Australian exploration: Final report

An emerging body of international research suggests that housing is associated with many aspects of social and economic life, including personal and family wellbeing, mental and physical health, economic participation, social connectedness, community functioning, sustainable cities and social cohesion. It is less clear, however, just...

Housing assistance and economic participation

How do housing assistance programs impact economic participation outcomes, once we control for the mediating effects that intermediary variables such as ‘health’ and ‘neighbourhood’ have on economic participation outcomes?