Gillian Beer

Working paper

The uncertainty of revenue costings in the medium term

This paper outlines the challenges of forecasting and communicating estimates of the revenue impact of policies over the medium term. The variety of policy costings that Treasury undertakes and the benefits and shortcomings of static and dynamic microsimulation approaches are discussed, with the paper concluding...

The distributional impact of the proposed welfare-to-work reforms upon sole parents

In the May 2005 budget the federal government announced a range of proposed welfare to work measures, including the plan to shift sole parents with a youngest child aged six years or more onto the Newstart Allowance. This report shows that the disposable incomes of...

HECS system changes: impact on students

Gilian Beer and Bruce Chapman examine the impact of changes to Australia's student financing system on various hypothetical students who choose the government's proposed deferred payment options, HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP.

Understanding the roles of housing costs and housing assistance in creating employment disincentives

Kath Hulse, Bill Randolph, Matthew Toohey, Gillian Beer and Rob Lee provide an overview and context for a research project seeking to assess the effect of housing costs, housing subsidy structures and housing administrative requirements on the capacity of unemployed people to gain employment.

Is it worth working now? Financial incentives for working mothers under Australia's new tax system

The introduction of A New Tax System in July 2000 included substantial changes to social security payments, including family assistance and child care subsidies. Most of these payments are income tested, so that as a family's income increases the amount of government assistance they receive...