David D. Curtis

Journal article

Tertiary education provision in rural Australia: is VET a substitute for, or a pathway into, higher education?

We know that rural young people have less access to higher education than do metropolitan youth, and that the effect of location is a much stronger influence than SES or achievement. We also know that, based on achievement data, many rural young people, who might...

Student transfer: at a glance

This publication summarises what is known about student transfer between the vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sectors. Transfer occurs when a student who has enrolled in one sector subsequently commences a qualification in the other. Some students have completed their first qualification...

School non-completers: profiles and initial destinations

Only four per cent of 17 year olds in a this study had not completed Year 12, participated in an alternative vocational program or found full time employment. The majority of those who did not complete Year 12 were fully engaged in employment, education or...

Study into the assessment and reporting of employability skills of senior secondary students

This report highlights six approaches through which senior secondary students' achievement of employability skills can be assessed and reported. In June 2007, the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) undertook a study to investigate the most effective ways of assessing and reporting on the employability...

School non-completers: Profiles and initial destinations

This study examines non-completion of Year 12 at school for a nationally representative sample of young people who were 15 years old and still attending school in 2003. The study explores relationships between non-completion and selected socio-demographic and school-related factors, and changes in rates of...