Greg Hearn


'Creative Hotspots' in the regions: key thematic insights and findings from across Australia

This publication outlines the findings from the 'Creative Hotspots' project, which investigated the contemporary dynamics of cultural and creative activity in largely regional and non-capital cities and towns across Australia before the outbreak of COVID-19.
Report collection

Australian cultural and creative activity: a population and hotspot analysis

The creative industries, while not well recognised as such, are strong contributors to local economies. This collection of reports focuses upon a number of specific regions around Australia.

Research and innovation systems in the production of digital content

This 2003 report on the nature of R&D and innovation within the creative and content industries has been a key document in the development of theories around creative industries in Australia. It has now been added to the APO archive. The nature of R&D and...

Brisbane's creative industries 2003

This report, a project commissioned by the Brisbane City Council defines creative industries, building on sectors outlined by the UK Creative Industries Task Force, and the Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It uses secondary data to outline Brisbane's...
Conference paper

Can the participatory evaluation of new communication technology initiatives assist in building sustainable and inclusive rural communities?

This presentation first addresses the role of new communication and information technologies (C and ITs) in building sustainable and inclusive rural communities; factors in community adoption and use of C and IT initiatives; the role of participatory planning and evaluation in making C and IT...