John McMillan

Prof John McMillan AO is the inaugural Australian Information Commissioner. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is responsible for freedom of information, privacy protection and advice to government on information management policy. John was formerly the Commonwealth Ombudsman (2003–2010); and the inaugural Integrity Commissioner (Acting) for the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (2007). John is a member of the Administrative Review Council, which advises the Government on administrative law reform; and he chairs the Information Advisory Committee and the Privacy Advisory Committee. John is an Emeritus Professor of the Australian National University; a National Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia; a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law; and former President of the Australian Institute of Administrative Law. In the 1970s, John was a founding member of the Freedom of Information Campaign Committee, which led the public campaign for enactment of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.


Open public sector information: from principles to practice

As part of a worldwide movement, the Australian Government is fundamentally changing the way that information is valued, managed, used and shared with others. The concept that best captures this trend is the term 'public sector information' (PSI). This describes data, information or content that...

New disclosure czar hits the ground running

Welcome to the new era of transparency. In 1982 Australia led the world in introducing Freedom of Information laws, but FOI never quite delivered on its promise. Now the laws have been revamped and reformed in a bid to inject a stronger "pro-disclosure" philosophy. It...

Open government: the Information Commissioner

Following on from the conversation last week on 'open government' this program hosts the head of the newly created Office of the Information Commissioner. He discusses how the office will ensure greater disclosure of information within the public sector and the complexities involved in providing...

Australian Crime Commission: Review of collection, storage and dissemination of information

Conflicting and out–of–date internal information policies, multiple databases with varying degrees of security and low staff morale increased the risk of confidential Australian Crime Commission (ACC) intelligence falling into the wrong hands, according to Commonwealth Ombudsman Professor John McMillan. This investigation focused on the policies...

Administration of the Economic Security Strategy Payment: An examination of the implementation, monitoring and review of the scheme

Report by the Commonwealth Ombudsman on the administration of the Economic Security Strategy Payment – an examination of the implementation, monitoring and review of the scheme. The purpose of this report is to highlight for all government agencies how the administration of payments which are...