Janine Dixon

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Janine M. Dixon
Briefing paper

A comparison of the economic impacts of income tax cuts and childcare spending

This paper outlines a comparison of the impact on employment of child care expenditure and income tax cuts of an equivalent net cost to the budget. The paper argues that the clear superiority of childcare expenditure in stimulating economic activity reflects the concentration of the...

Future job openings for new entrants by industry and occupation

This report provides forecasts of job openings by industry and occupation for new entrants to the labour market from 2017 to 2024. These job openings are estimated by accounting for both growth (or decline) in the occupation or industry, as well as the replacement needs...
Working paper

Modelling the impacts of a cut to company tax in Australia

Modelling conducted at the Centre of Policy Studies using the Vic-Uni model of the Australian economy concurs with the finding that a cut in company tax would have a positive impact on the rate of growth of GDP. However, recognising that GDP is not the...