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James Bowen


Re-energising Indo-Pacific relations: Australia's clean energy opportunity

This report outlines concrete recommendations on how Australia can lead a transformative energy revolution in the Indo-Pacific region ahead of the Sydney Energy Forum 12–13 July 2022 in Sydney, co-hosted by the Australian Government and the International Energy Agency.

Fuelling cooperation: the Indo-Pacific hydrogen transformation

This paper argues that the creation of an integrated Indo-Pacific hydrogen market would transform regional geopolitics, help avoid the worst effects of climate change, and would also sustain greater levels of energy security and regional interdependence.

The complex geopolitics of India’s growing energy needs

India’s vast energy demand and growing import dependence are creating complex regional and global geopolitical relationships.

Too big to ignore: assessing the strategic implications of China's Belt and Road Initiative

This report identifies the management of one conundrum above all else as the key to the BRI’s fortunes from a Chinese perspective: the ability to retain sufficient support from the world’s governments and institutions as a means of both underpinning its business case and heading...

Federalism and the Belt and Road Initiative: managing tensions between Australian governments

The Australian Government opposes China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), largely on the grounds that it may help to end the United States-led order in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.