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Vijay Naidu


Are there only winners? Labour mobility for sustainable development in the Pacific

After more than 10 years of established seasonal work schemes in Australia and New Zealand, this report focuses on seasonal labour mobility in the context of a policy assessment framework that addresses both wins and losses when considering a sustainable future for labour mobility in...

Understanding Oceania: celebrating the University of the South Pacific and its collaboration with the Australian National University

This book is inspired by the University of the South Pacific, the leading institution of higher education in the Pacific Islands region. It celebrates the collaboration of USP with the Australian National University in research, doctoral training, teaching and joint activities.
Working paper

The Fijian ethos and Dawasamu miraculous healing water: a study of Delakado and Natadradave villagers’ response to God’s gift

The working paper reports on the research project and its findings on why indigenous Fijian villagers eschewed the unique opportunity for windfall cash income from the sale of miracle water at a time of unprecedented hardship.

Defending Australia in the Asia Pacific century: Force 2030 - friend in need or neighbourhood bully?

Vijay Naidu of the University of the South Pacific argues that the Australian Defence White Paper 2009 “does not successfully incorporate Australia's foreign and economic policies in its immediate neighbourhood as a possible source of instability and security risk." It "proposes the use of ADF...