Stewart Firth


Understanding Oceania: celebrating the University of the South Pacific and its collaboration with the Australian National University

This book is inspired by the University of the South Pacific, the leading institution of higher education in the Pacific Islands region. It celebrates the collaboration of USP with the Australian National University in research, doctoral training, teaching and joint activities.

The Pacific Ocean: the unsleeping eye of the earth

The United States and many other Western powers, including Australia, are starting to get concerned about the growing influence of the Chinese in the Pacific region.

Instability in the Pacific Islands: a status report

This analysis addresses six challenges facing Pacific Island nations - demography; urbanisation; immigration; health and health systems; gender relations; and governance. These challenges have been prioritised over others because, taken together, they have the greatest potential to check the region’s development and undermine its resilience.
Journal article

Security in Papua New Guinea: the military and diplomatic dimensions

The military mood is buoyant in Papua New Guinea, but its security problems are fundamentally developmental and political and will not be solved quickly.
Working paper

Opening up to our Pacific neighbours

This working paper takes a historical look at Australia's Pacific policy, and makes suggestions for change.