Hannah Bulloch

Hannah Bulloch is a Research Fellow at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies and an independent writer. Her academic work focuses on development, gender and domestic moral economy in Southeast Asia, and on deficit discourse in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. She has also published on wellbeing, livelihoods, foetal personhood, religion, postcolonial identity, Indigenous freshwater rights, transnational relationships and bilateral poverty policy. Her book, In Pursuit of Progress: Narratives of Development on a Philippine Island, was published in 2017 by University of Hawai‘i Press.

Aboriginal health and wellbeing services

This report explores strengths-based, bottom-up approaches to delivering Aboriginal health and wellbeing services. It focuses on three case study organisations across two sites, all of which have reputations for maintaining highly positive relationships with their communities.

Deficit discourse and Indigenous health

This report explores ‘deficit discourse’ in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy. ‘Discourse’, in this context, encompasses thought represented in written and spoken communication and/or expressed through practices.
Journal article

Statistical equality and cultural difference in Indigenous wellbeing frameworks: A new expression of an enduring debate

Recent years have seen a burgeoning interest in developing indicator frameworks for 'Indigenous wellbeing'. Implicit in each of the frameworks are particular conceptions of what constitutes the 'good life' for Indigenous peoples and what 'Indigenous development' should entail. In developing these frameworks, then, certain judgements...