William Fogarty

Dr Bill Fogarty has lived and worked in remote communities for over 15 years and has extensive experience in research on Indigenous education, employment policy and service provision. He has qualifications in anthropology, communications, social research methods, education and applied development. He has worked on projects with a diverse range of organisations concerned with Indigenous Australia such as the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation, the Northern Land Council and the Northern Territory Government.

Aboriginal health and wellbeing services

This report explores strengths-based, bottom-up approaches to delivering Aboriginal health and wellbeing services. It focuses on three case study organisations across two sites, all of which have reputations for maintaining highly positive relationships with their communities.

Deficit discourse and Indigenous health

This report explores ‘deficit discourse’ in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy. ‘Discourse’, in this context, encompasses thought represented in written and spoken communication and/or expressed through practices.

Deficit discourse and strengths-based approaches: Changing the narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing

This report explores strengths-based approaches to shifting the deficit narrative in the Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector.

Recognising a wicked problem

Helen Hughes and Mark Hughes are to be commended for their latest foray into the vexing and difficult arena of Indigenous education in Australia. Any work that shines a spotlight on the appalling state of education outcomes for Indigenous Australians is to be welcomed. However...