Chris Chamberlain

Chris Chamberlain is an expert on homelessness. He is the joint author/editor of Youth Homelessness (1998), Counting the Homeless 2001 (2003), Counting the Homeless 2006 (2008), and Homelessness in Australia (2014). Chris developed a methodology with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for counting the homeless population using Census data. Counting the Homeless 2006 found that the number of homeless people had increased from 99,900 in 2001 to 105,000 in 2006. These findings influenced the Commonwealth Government’s white paper on homelessness (The Road Home, 2008) which set the target to halve homelessness by 2020. Chris was invited to attend the 2020 Summit in Parliament House, Canberra because of his expertise on homelessness. Since 2011, the ABS has published official estimates of the homeless population using Census data. Chris’s research has been recognised internationally. He is the author of articles on homelessness in the International Encyclopaedia of Social Policy (2006) and the International Encyclopaedia of Housing and Home (2012).

Homelessness: re-shaping the policy agenda?

This essay evaluates the new statistical definition of homelessness adopted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the purposes of counting the homeless population. The ABS defines a person as homeless if they lack any one of three elements: adequacy of the dwelling; security...

Persons in improvised dwellings, tents and sleepers out

Prepared for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, this report provides background information for the evaluation of Street to Home programs being undertaken in Australian capital cities.

Counting the homeless 2006: state and territory reports

These eight state and territory reports on the homeless are based on information collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census. The reports include statistics on accommodation types, age, sex, Indigenous identification and geographical distribution.
Conference paper

Are the homeless mentally ill?

In Australia, it is widely believed that most homeless people have mental health issues, and that mental illness is a primary cause of homelessness. This paper uses information from a study of 4291 homeless people in Melbourne to investigate these propositions.

Counting the homeless 2006

On Census night in 2006, the homeless population in Australia was 105,000. Most homeless people were sheltered somewhere on Census night but absolute homelessness, such as sleeping out or in an improvised shelter, accounted for 16% of homelessness in Australia.On Census night in 2006, the...