Violet Kolar


'No child misses out': Education Pathways Program

This report documents an evaluation of the Education Pathways Program, completed in the latter part of 2018 by Launch Housing’s Research and Service Sector Reform team. The evaluation focus was on the outcomes related to school enrolment and attendance, which are central to improving school...

More than just me: Supporting fathers who are homeless

This report relates to a 2011 research study into the experiences of homeless fathers, identifying the consequences of their homeless experience and their relationship with their children.
Journal article

Attitudes to homelessness in Australia

There has been very little research to date investigating attitudes to homelessness in Australia. Such research is important as public opinion can influence both political will to act and the viability of different policy responses. Attitudes also shape the way the community responds to those...

'The right to belong': family homelessness and citizenship

Family homelessness is increasing in Australia, and this report details how homelessness affects the everyday experiences of women with children. It examines how homelessness affects citizenship: the ways in which women understand and negotiate rights and responsibilities, belonging and participation. The research was undertaken in...

Parenting in Australian families

Based on data collected as part of the Parenting-21 project conducted by the institute from 1996 to 1998, this report describes how Australian parents are raising their children, by focusing on parents' beliefs and child rearing practices. Violet Kolar and Grace Soriano explore the influence...