Patricia Easteal


Media representations of violence against women and their children: final report

This project aimed to establish the extent and nature of reporting of violence against women by the Australian media to inform future strategies for change. Using both quantitative (content analysis) and qualitative (critical discourse analysis) methods, the study provided a glimpse into the complexity of...

Media representations of violence against women and their children: state of knowledge paper

Overview This paper provides an overview of the best available contemporary evidence on the way news and information media portray violence against women. In the paper studies are grouped into three broad areas of inquiry: 1) media representation (how content and discourse are used in...
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Mothers who kill: the forensic use and judicial reception of evidence of postnatal depression and other psychiatric disorders in Australian filicide cases

Abstract: This article examines Australian legal responses to filicide in circumstances where mothers have killed their young children. We consider the potential legal defences that may be raised where postnatal depression (‘PND’) and other psychiatric disorders are present in cases of filicide: insanity/mental impairment, diminished...
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The nature, pervasiveness and manifestations of sexual harassment in rural Australia: Does 'masculinity' of workplace make a difference?

Research has shown that hostile environments can be a particular problem for women working in traditional male jobs such as policing and defence forces or where they are employed on remote work sites with residential arrangements. These 'masculinity' marked workplaces have a high incidence of...

Rape mythology and the criminal justice system

This research was completed for an LLB Honours thesis, which proposed to potentially serve as a pilot for a larger study. By examining sexual assault sentencing and judicial comments from a sample of mostly 2008 judgments in Victoria, this article explores differences in sentencing, focusing...