Kate Holland

Alternate Name:
Kate E. Holland

COVID-19: Australian news and misinformation longitudinal study

This study examines how and where Australians are getting information about COVID-19, which sources they find trustworthy and their experiences with misinformation. The report extends the understanding around the access, consumption and critical engagement with news and misinformation during the ongoing global pandemic.

News and wellbeing: older generations and news consumption

This report examines the connection between information and news consumption and the wellbeing of 562 older Australians living in the national capital. It explores how their use and perceptions of news have changed over their lifetime and identifies some of the barriers and opportunities for...

Media representations of violence against women and their children: final report

This project aimed to establish the extent and nature of reporting of violence against women by the Australian media to inform future strategies for change. Using both quantitative (content analysis) and qualitative (critical discourse analysis) methods, the study provided a glimpse into the complexity of...

Media representations of violence against women and their children: state of knowledge paper

Overview This paper provides an overview of the best available contemporary evidence on the way news and information media portray violence against women. In the paper studies are grouped into three broad areas of inquiry: 1) media representation (how content and discourse are used in...

Conversations about alcohol and pregnancy

This research, funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), and undertaken by the University of Canberra’s News and Media Research Centre, has found that women receive and actively interpret contradictory information about the risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant from a number...