Justine McNamara


Workforce participation and non-participation among baby boomers in Australia

Research by Cathy Gong and Justine McNamara at NATSEM, commissioned by the Brotherhood, found that there is a high degree of involuntary unemployment among older adults. Overall, 20% of people aged over 45 who are not working would like employment. Of those aged 45–54 the...

The impact of a sustained gender wage gap on the Australian economy

The report identifies reasons for the gender pay gap and measured the impact of the gap on economic growth. It finds that 'being a woman' was the single largest reason for the gender pay gap (60%). This includes complicated factors such as women's choices of...

Updating the AHURI housing microsimulation model (HOUSEMOD) - research paper

In recent projects with AHURI, the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) has been using a microsimulation model of the Australian housing system. This model is based on the 1998 99 Household Expenditure Survey (HES), combined with data from the 2001 Census of...

Old, single and poor

This paper uses microdata and NATSEM's microsimulation models to examine the spatial distribution of poverty among older single people and to test the likely impact upon national and small area poverty rates of an increase in the single age pension rate. In recent months in...

Child social exclusion: an updated index from the 2006 Census

Much research about child poverty and disadvantage provides national estimates of child wellbeing, due to the ready availability of microdata at the national level. However, an increasing body of evidence suggests that there can be major differences in well-being between children living in different geographic...