Catharine Lumby


Who gets to tell Australian stories? 2.0

This report examines the Indigenous and cultural diversity of Australian news and current affairs television media. Overall, the findings show that Australian news and current affairs programs fail to represent the society they serve.

Who gets to tell Australian stories?

This report provides the first comprehensive picture of who tells, frames and produces stories in Australian television news and current affairs. It spotlights the experiences and representation of culturally diverse television news and current affairs staff. It is also the first forensic examination of how...
Conference paper

Australian children's experiences of parents' online mediation

This paper draws on the work of the 'EU Kids Online' network and addresses Australian children's online activities in terms of risk, harm and opportunity. In particular, it draws upon data that indicates that Australian children are more likely to encounter online risks than is...

Untangling the net: the scope of content caught by mandatory internet filtering

On the basis of our survey of international research, we argue that Australia should not apply a system of media content classification that already treats different media inconsistently to the online environment without any consideration of the existing flaws in regulation and the complex particularities...