John A. Hartley

Journal article

A journal is a club: a new economic model for scholarly publishing

A new economic model for the analysis of scholarly publishing – journal publishing in particular – is proposed that draws on club theory. The standard approach builds on market failure in the private production (by research scholars) of a public good (new scholarly knowledge). In...

Community uses of co-creative media

This report describes a dynamic ‘Co-creative Media System’ that is emerging. The report illustrates how this system activates the immense creative potential of the Australian population through the ongoing development and application of participatory storytelling methods and media.

(C2I)2 = CCI-CCI the CCI creative city index

The CCI Creative City Index (CCI-CCI) is a new approach to the measurement and ranking of creative global cities. It is constructed over eight principal dimensions, each with multiple distinct elements. Some of these dimensions are familiar from other global city indexes, such as the...
Conference paper

Australian children's experiences of parents' online mediation

This paper draws on the work of the 'EU Kids Online' network and addresses Australian children's online activities in terms of risk, harm and opportunity. In particular, it draws upon data that indicates that Australian children are more likely to encounter online risks than is...

Creativity as emergence: policy issues for creative cities

The creative industries concept was born in the UK, nurtured in Australia (among other countries), but is now being implemented most vigorously in China. The UK and Australia seem to be pulling back from the concept: Critical response to CI policy in the UK; and...