Jean Burgess


Australian Ad Observatory: background paper

This paper is designed to provide background information on the aims and methods of the Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) Australian Ad Observatory research project.
Discussion paper

Northern Australia communications analysis: directions paper

The CRC for Developing Northern Australia has invested in this analysis to investigate the impacts and relevance of digital inclusion for developing northern Australia.

Digital mentoring in Australian communities

Australia Post partnered with QUT's Digital Media Research Centre to investigate digital mentorship, in a variety of formats and community contexts. In particular, QUT was asked to explore the need for, and develop relevant resources to assist, digital mentors in the field. This report explains...

Measuring and evaluating digital ability for digital inclusion in Queensland

In the context of the Queensland Government’s digital inclusion agenda, QUT's Digital Media Research Centre was commissioned to create two tools for delivery and evaluation of digital programs in the community.

Measuring Queensland’s digital divide

The unique features of Queensland create particular challenges and opportunities for digital inclusion. With the potential of technology to deliver better health, education, social and economic outcomes, it has never been more important that no one gets left behind.