Who gets to tell Australian stories?

Putting the spotlight on cultural and linguistic diversity in television news and current affairs
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This report provides the first comprehensive picture of who tells, frames and produces stories in Australian television news and current affairs. It spotlights the experiences and representation of culturally diverse television news and current affairs staff. It is also the first forensic examination of how our media treats cultural diversity at the workplace level.

Key findings:

  • This study reveals that more than 75% of presenters, commentators and reporters have an Anglo-Celtic background while only 6% have an Indigenous or non-European background, as measured by frequency of appearance on screen in news and current affairs broadcasts.
  • In an opt-in survey completed by more than 300 television journalists, more than 70% of participants rated the representation of culturally diverse men and women in the media industry as either poor or very poor.
  • In addition, 77% of respondents with culturally diverse backgrounds believe their backgrounds are a barrier to career progression.
  • The study mapped the cultural backgrounds of editorial leaders in television newsrooms and the composition of television network boards. 100% of free-to-air television national news directors have an Anglo-Celtic background (and they are all male).
  • The board members of Australian free-to-air television are also overwhelmingly AngloCeltic. Within this group of 39 directors, there is only one who has an Indigenous background and three who have a non-European background.
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