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Tanya Bretherton


Shifting gears in career: identifying drivers of career development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in the health sector

This paper explores how the Australian health sector might improve opportunities for career development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers. It considers the current evidence surrounding career development in the health sector, along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander worker experiences, to develop a...

Minimum wages and their role in the process and incentives to bargain

The study is based on four sources of data: (a) a survey of over 11,500 non-public sector organisations, (b) quantitative analysis of over 25,000 enterprise agreements, (c) qualitative analysis of 91 strategically selected agreements; and (d) 20 workplace case studies. Key findings (indicative) Organisations commonly...

The role of VET in workforce development: a story of conflicting expectations

This final report is from a three-year research program that examined the dynamics of workforce development and explored the challenges in maintaining viable labour flows in the child care and meat processing industries. The paper highlights the lack of receptiveness for workers in the meat...

Understanding the undertow: innovative responses to labour market disadvantage and VET

Increasing productivity by moving people from welfare to employment is a priority for the Australian Government. This report considers the complex issues of helping those marginalised from the labour market into employment. Case studies of innovative intermediaries illustrate that both demand and supply factors must...

Understanding vocational education and training, productivity and workforce participation

This report explores access to vocational education and training (and university) currently and historically over the past 20 years. It reports that those young people most likely to miss out on vocational education and training include those with disabilities, young people still living at home...