Bettina Frankham

Dr Bettina Frankham is a creative practice academic researching and teaching digital media arts and production in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UTS. She has a background of industry experience spanning multiple forms of media including television, radio and web production. Her moving image projects have screened at international media arts festivals and she has published scholarly journal articles and book chapters. Her research interests include art and documentary intersections, expanded documentary practice and the impact of digital culture on creative media production. She is currently the Vice President of ASPERA and a member of the ASPERA Research Sub-Committee.

Valuing the societal contribution of screen production

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Measuring excellence in screen production research

This document seeks to make a contribution to the field through crystallising key positions and taking a stance in ongoing conversations that consider how we measure quality in creative practice research.

Screen production research reporting: an ASPERA scoping report

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