Susan Dodds

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Techtopia: neuroscience, implants and keeping up with artificial intelligence the silicon chip way

Welcome to Techtopia, our segment on the technologies set to disrupt our future and the sometimes unexpected questions we may need to ask about them. Today, perhaps our most challenging topic yet: brain chips and other neurotechnologies that offer the possibility not only of reversing...

Clinical ethics capacity building resource manual

The Clinical Ethics Capacity Building Resource Manual is aimed at institutions such as hospitals and clinics and provides information and tools for use in: facilitating building clinical ethics capacity, managing operational issues associated with clinical ethics services, and providing ethics consultation, including a review of...

National nanotechnology research strategy

Outlining a bold vision for a nanotechnology enabled Australian Economy; the research strategy highlights a range of existing and emerging nanotechnology applications. The strategy includes eight key recommendations for strategic investment and coordination considered essential for supporting Australian nanotechnology research and effective translation of that...

Forward thinking: learning and teaching philosophy in Australian universities

The principal aim of the project was to record the state of tertiary teaching of philosophy in Australia and to provide benchmarking data on philosophy at the following levels: the teaching academics, the structure and composition of the philosophy major, and the teaching of philosophy...

Improving the participation of women in the philosophy profession: executive summary

The project, Improving the Participation of Women in the Philosophy Profession, investigates some possible causes for an anomaly: that more than half of the students enrolled in undergraduate philosophy subjects in most Universities are women, and yet there is only a small proportion of women...