Bianca Fileborn

About: Bianca is currently involved in research examining sexual well-being and older Australian women. Bianca has recently completed her PhD on young adults' experiences and perceptions of unwanted sexual attention in licensed venues. Her research is concerned with the intersections of space, culture, gender, sexual orientation and sexual violence. Previously, she has been involved in several research projects on sexual violence. 

We want men to stop honking their horn at women because they respect them, not for fear of punishment

Most Australian women (87%) have experienced some form of street harassment, whether it’s whistles, stares, unwanted comments or being followed by strangers in the street – often before the age of 18. Several countries, including Belgium and Portugal, have introduced legislation to tackle street harassment...
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Sex after 60: what do we need to know?

Even after a lifetime of experience, there are still questions that need to be asked about the sexual health and practices of older people. Dr Bianca Fileborn is asking those questions. She is an instigator of a first-of-its-kind study called Sex, Age and Me: A...
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Sex, desire and pleasure: considering the experiences of older Australian women

Older age is often associated with asexuality. That is, older individuals are not viewed as desiring of sex, nor as sexually desirable to others. Broader social and cultural norms that downplay women's sexual desire and agency further compound these phenomena. Whether this popular image accurately...

Victim/survivor-focused justice responses and reforms to criminal court practice: implementation, current practice and future directions

Abstract: Reforms have been underway over the last three decades to address the disadvantages that victim/survivors of sexual assault face within the criminal justice system in Australia. Such reforms include expansion of advocate services, specialisation of police, alternative provisions for giving evidence at trial, and...

Conceptual understandings and prevalence of sexual harassment and street harassment

This resource sheet provides an overview of the existing research on women's experiences of sexual harassment and street harassment. It also considers conceptual models of sexual violence that are inclusive of these experiences. Women's experiences of street harassment and sexual harassment are focused on in...