Matthew Ricketson


A broken record of quality journalism

With Fairfax shareholders voting next week on the merger with Nine, it’s a good time to consider how well the company’s journalism has weathered a period of enormous change.

Creating child-centred institutions

The royal commission has shown how institutions can rebuild their relationships with the children in their care.

Dance of the elephants

Despite Nick Xenophon’s efforts, less powerful players were squeezed out of the media reform deal.
Conference paper

Is quick, is good.' Or is it? Perils of the 24/7 news cycle

The rise of 24 hour news channels, blogs, wikis, social media and twitter mean that today the news cycle is measured in seconds rather than days or even hours, and that it literally runs 24 hours a day seven days a week. Many benefits flow...

Digital news report: Australia 2016

Digital News Report: Australia 2016, the second annual survey of news consumption in Australia, builds on last year's debut to provide a clearer picture than ever before of how news is currently being consumed both within Australia and globally, with a particular focus on digital...