Deborah Kirkwood


Working together to keep children and families safe

This practice paper focuses on improving cross-sectoral relationships between child protection and child and family welfare practitioners, who are often required to work together to keep children and families safe. This paper aims to build practitioners' collaborative competence.

'Just say goodbye': Parents who kill their children in the context of separation

This discussion paper is essential reading for people working with separating parents, or in family violence and child protection, and for anyone seeking to develop a better understanding of why these deaths occur and how they might be prevented.

Parents who kill children in the context of separation

Debbie Kirkwood reflects on the inexplicable reasons parents kill their children during or after separation from their partner.

Behind closed doors: family dispute resolution and family violence

Under the new family law system in Australia it is compulsory for separating parents to attempt family dispute resolution (FDR) prior to taking their parenting dispute to court. Although there is an exception for family violence cases, many women who have experienced such violence will...