Zhang Wei

Working paper

Attraction, retention and utilisation of the aged care workforce

This paper integrates the evidence relating to attraction, retention and skill shortages in the aged care workforce, and provides recommendations of the steps the sector could take to achieve a skilled and sustainable workforce which is able meet the care needs of older Australians both...

The persistence of overskilling and its effects on wages

Research has shown that overskilling—where workers are not fully using their skills in their jobs—can lead to reduced wages and job satisfaction. This report builds on that previous research and investigates the persistence of overskilling mismatch and the effect of past mismatch on wages. The...

Evaluation of the NDIS: final report

This consolidated report contains findings based on all data collections undertaken over the course of the evaluation, including surveys and interviews with NDIS participants, their families and carers, disability support providers, and other stakeholders.

The aged care workforce 2012: final report

This research report contributes to the body of knowledge about the aged care workforce in Australia.