Danielle Rajendram


India’s new Asia-Pacific strategy: Modi acts East

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Danielle Rajendram examines India’s Look East Policy, and argues that the Modi Government will prioritise even closer engagement with the Asia-Pacific. Key findings India’s Look East Policy has shaped its engagement with the Asia-Pacific for over two decades, and, in...

2014 Australia-India roundtable report: outcomes statement and summary record of proceedings

The relationship between Australia and India has reached a new maturity, based on deepening connections between their societies, economies, education sectors and policy establishments. This positions these two democracies to work together to advance their interests in a shared Indo-Pacific region. Ahead of Australian Prime...

2011 Australia-India roundtable report: outcomes and summary

While relations between Australia and India have advanced impressively over the past decade, the ties between these two democracies have continued to fall short of their great potential. This state of affairs provided the background for a major dialogue held in Sydney in late 2011...