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C. Raja Mohan


Between geography and history: Delhi and Canberra in Indo-Pacific security

This paper is an attempt to understand the new context of the India-Australia relationship and how it provides a fresh basis — rooted in both geography and history — for a durable security partnership between Delhi and Canberra.

2014 Australia-India roundtable report: outcomes statement and summary record of proceedings

The relationship between Australia and India has reached a new maturity, based on deepening connections between their societies, economies, education sectors and policy establishments. This positions these two democracies to work together to advance their interests in a shared Indo-Pacific region. Ahead of Australian Prime...

Responding to Indo-Pacific rivalry: Australia, India and middle power coalitions

In this Analysis, Lowy Institute International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf and Nonresident Fellow C. Raja Mohan argue that Chinese assertiveness and uncertainties about America’s role in Indo-Pacific Asia are causing middle powers to look for alternative approaches to regional security.

2012 Australia-India roundtable report: outcomes statement and summary of proceedings

The relationship between Australia and India is poised at an historic moment. Consciously overcoming a challenging period, leaders of the two countries have realised new levels of mutual trust and confidence that are in turn generating policy momentum. Ahead of preparations for the 2013 Australia-India...

The Sino-Indian border dispute and Asian security

Asian nations must recognize that distancing themselves from the United States will not necessarily win political rewards in Beijing. Deepening ties with the United States must remain a high priority for all of China’s neighbours.