David Watt


Anzac Day 2019 – military anniversaries in 2019: a quick guide

This guide summarises the military anniversaries taking place this year.

Australian Government spending on irregular maritime arrivals and counter-people smuggling activity

There has been much discussion in both the media and political debate in recent times about the substantial and rising costs to the Australian Government of intercepting, detaining and processing asylum seekers arriving by boat. Criticism of these costs has come from many quarters, including...

Military history: a quick guide to online resources - ANZAC Day 2018

The purpose of this quick guide is to provide parliamentarians and their staff with helpful resources for researching various aspects of Australian military history.

Gallipoli: a quick guide to frequently asked questions and general information

Outlines key information about the Anzac landing in Gallipoli and provides further resources.

A quick guide to military anniversaries in 2017

Introduction In February 2017, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs announced a list of significant anniversary dates which will be the focus of commemoration during 2017. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) website provides, where known, further information about the location and nature of the commemorative...