Marty Harris

Discussion paper

Marawi and after: how Australia can help

Based on a consultative workshop held in Canberra on 3 August 2017, this paper offers options for the Australian government to help reduce the threat posed by Islamic State aligned groups in the Philippines.

Australia and the Middle East conflict: the Rudd and Gillard Governments (2007–13)

This Research Paper outlines the public positions taken by the Rudd and Gillard Governments towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Executive summary This Research Paper focuses on the public position of the Labor Governments, in power between 2007 and 2013, towards the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. It does so...

Jordan's youth after the Arab Spring

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Marty Harris examines political and social activism among Jordanian youth in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings. The Analysis argues that Jordan’s young people are caught between a desire for political change and a fear of instability, and that this...

Australia at war in Afghanistan: revised facts and figures, 2012

This background note revises material previously released by the Parliamentary Library on Australia's involvement in Afghanistan. In November 2010, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Government of Afghanistan agreed to a formal transition process that would transfer full security responsibility to Afghan National...

The Rudd and Gillard Governments and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: November 2007–May 2012

This background note examines the Australian Government's response to key developments relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 2007, as well as broader Government statements on the nature of the conflict and its possible resolution. This paper complements another Parliamentary Library Background Note, Australia and the...