The Rudd and Gillard Governments and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: November 2007–May 2012

International relations Australia Middle East

This background note examines the Australian Government's response to key developments relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 2007, as well as broader Government statements on the nature of the conflict and its possible resolution.

This paper complements another Parliamentary Library Background Note, Australia and the Middle East conflict: a history of key Government statements (1947–2007), which documents the evolution of Australia’s publicly stated policy towards the Middle East conflict during that period.

The Australian Labor Party’s policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when it won the November 2007 federal election, is best represented in the party’s National Platform and Constitution 2007:

  • Labor is convinced that all Australians seek a lasting and equitable solution to the problems that have worked against stability and development in the Middle East. Labor will pursue a sustained Australian engagement in the Arab/Israeli conflict based on the rights of all people in the Middle East to peace and security and livelihood .... Labor believes that urgent attainment of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the best way to reduce violence and conflict across the Middle East.
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