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Exposed and exploited: data protection in the Middle East and North Africa

Across the Middle East and North Africa, data protection legislation is still in its infancy, and it remains a low priority in countries where data protection laws are either very weak or non-existent. In this report, the authors explore data protection legislation in Jordan, Lebanon...
Policy report

Exploratory study of good policies in the protection of construction workers in the Middle East

This paper explores the changes that have taken place over the past few decades in the way in which workers are employed in the construction industry. As a number of studies have recently dealt with the challenge of eliminating recruitment debt, this paper will focus...
Draft report

The Biden Administration’s security challenges in the Gulf

The U.S. needs to make fundamental changes to its security efforts in the Persian/Arab Gulf and the Middle East. In this document, the author discusses the wide range of options available to the U.S, and how it can make progress in many areas in relation...
Journal article

Are construction clients ready to lead the lean initiative?

The client plays a vital role in driving and setting the project framework thus greatly influencing the successful implementation of lean. This study aims at identifying the status of the characteristics, behaviors and practices of Middle Eastern construction clients.

Construction forced labour victims 'total 4.5m' worldwide

A total of 4.5m construction workers around the world are victims of forced labour, new guidance that aims to help clients and construction firms avoid worker exploitation has claimed. Among the abuse victims of forced labour in construction can suffer, KnowTheChain identified: non-payment of wages...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Will Australia's refugee intake in 2015-16 be the highest since WWII?

The Government has responded to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Middle East by announcing Australia will take an additional 12,000 refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq in 2015-16, which Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims amounts to the single larges

The path of least resilience: autocratic rule and external powers in the Middle East

Despite the Arab uprisings of the last decade, most countries in the Middle East remain in the grip of autocrats, with a widespread view that this is the 'default setting' for the region.
Discussion paper

Australia’s interests in the Middle East: a presence in search of a policy

At a superficial level, Australia’s interests in the Middle East seem to be little more than providing military ballast to support the imperial or global ambitions of great powers. This paper concludes that Australia’s strategic interests are more effectively achieved through an active and well-resourced...
Discussion paper

Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper

The Department of Agriculture is conducting a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) process to analyse the economic and regulatory impacts of policy options for the future regulation of live sheep exports to, or through, the Middle East. This discussion paper outlines some initial policy option ideas.

A Middle Eastern chess game: US-Iran tensions and the implications for India

This paper assesses the changing dynamics in the US-Iran relationship, the crisis in the Persian Gulf, the importance of Iran to India and how the US-Iran situation is affecting Indian interests.