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Nathan Church


South Australia state election 2018

This research paper analyses the results of the 2018 South Australian state election.

Defence housing - key issues and impacts

Prior to the establishment of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), much of the accommodation allocated for defence personnel was of poor quality, with a reliance on state governments for its provision and maintenance. The creation of DHA provided a focus on improving the standard of...

Political attitudes to conscription: 1914–1918

Introduction Following the 1914 election, the Federal Parliament comprised members of the governing Australian Labor Party (ALP), the Commonwealth Liberal Party (CLP) in Opposition, and one Independent Member of Parliament (MP). Although both major parties generally supported Australia’s participation in the First World War, only...

Defending Australia: a history of Australia’s defence white papers

This paper provides a summary of each of Australia’s defence white papers issued between 1976 and 2013 and seeks to draw out common themes that emerge in some or all of them. Executive summary Australia published defence white papers in 1976, 1987, 1994, 2000, 2009...

Commonwealth Members of Parliament who have served in war: colonial wars and the First World War

This paper chronicles the 125 Commonwealth Members of Parliament identified as having served during the Colonial wars and/or the First World War. Introduction This research paper is a companion to a previous Parliamentary Library publication, Commonwealth Members of Parliament who have served in war. This...