Joseph Reser


Aboriginal responses to climate change in arid zone Australia

Abstract Given the broad scale and fundamental transformations occurring to the natural environment due to anthropogenic climate change in the present era, what does the future hold for Aboriginal people in remote arid regions of Australia? In searching for answers to this question, this study...

Enhancing climate change communication: strategies for profiling and targeting Australian interpretive communities

Abstract his research aimed to provide practical information about how to design communications on climate change adaptation and target these to the Australian population. This was achieved by: (1) identifying and increasing awareness of different climate change audiences in Australia, and (2) evaluating how each...

Public risk perceptions, understandings and responses to climate change in Australia and Great Britain

This final report presents and discusses national survey findings from a collaborative and cross-national research project undertaken by Griffith University (Australia) and Cardiff University (UK) examining public risk perceptions, understandings and responses to the threat and unfolding impacts of climate change in Australia and Great...

Mining and Indigenous Tourism in Northern Australia: Summary of Findings

This study was funded by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Rio Tinto. The aim of the study was to investigate the opportunities for mining operations to support the development of Indigenous tourism ventures in remote and regional Australia. Many Indigenous communities have...